Twiter Weekly Update 09.Jun.2018 – 15.Jun.2018

RT @sonic_hedgehog: Countless adventures. One best friend.
#NationalBestFriendsDay ->
@SvendJoscelyne Not to mention The Tango in reply to SvendJoscelyne ->
E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 02.Jun.2018 – 08.Jun.2018"


Twiter Weekly Update 02.Jun.2018 – 08.Jun.2018

@ValorB Feh, sleep is overrated anyway. in reply to ValorB ->
E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 26.May.2018 – 01.Jun.2018" ->
I liked a @YouTube video Razer Phone Durability test – Scratch BURN and BEND tested! -…

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