Twiter Weekly Update 13.Apr.2019 – 19.Apr.2019

@Snow_Blue_Husky @bryangullickson @Dragon_Smoocher I can attest to that as an ex-admin in charge of one of the game… in reply to Snow_Blue_Husky ->
@ROSCALION420 Fortunately this is an exception to the rule. in reply to ROSCALION420 ->
@TheCoffeeSnolf A wise d…


Twiter Weekly Update 06.Apr.2019 – 12.Apr.2019

@LittleOthinus in reply to LittleOthinus ->
@PG_kamiya ああ、あなたはまた勝ちます。なんて素敵ですか。 in reply to PG_kamiya ->
Yesterday @dogbomb1 left us w/ dignity.
Today the world is a bit poorer place.
Tomorrow things'll get better, for s… ->
If you wan…

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