Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-18

  • Maybe I should move to the UK. My sleep patterns seem to agree with being there… #
  • Me so hungry… #
  • Flipping between rerun of Boston Legal and rerun of The Addams Family. #
  • There are times I wish marijuana was legal… mornings are one of those times… #
  • For those usin Windows Live Movie Maker Beta & wonder why it’s expired, M$ forgot 2 go gold. Go here: #
  • RT @sonicgames: Sonic City Blognik: Summer Of Sonic – T-Minus 46: Registration Details #
  • RT @dreadknux: TSS: SAGE Sneak Peak: "Sonic Attitude!" – #
  • RT @dreadknux: TSS: Nigel Kitching, Nigel Dobbyn Attending Summer of Sonic – #
  • RT @dreadknux: TSS: Senoue Working On Three New CD Projects – #

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