Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-27

  • Got Windows 7 Enterprise cheap at a garage sale. Installed and running perfectly. SWEET! #
  • @Verizon Ok, is there any chance of FiOS Internet coming to the Santa Fe/Hitchcock TX area during 2010? #
  • @Xial I dare say it is. It checks via GeoIP it seems. Only #Verizon seems to want to give out randomly assigned IPs without regard to GeoIP. in reply to Xial #
  • A/V Hijack starts in about 1 hour on SSR (6pmGMT/1pmCDT) #SSR #
  • IN YOUR FACE GOP!!! Senate-approved Health Care bill passes 219-212. Obama to sign into law on Tuesday. #change #
  • Fuck it, *watches #DS9 episodes subtitled in Mandarin* Oh, and happy 600th tweet #
  • Time to make another attempt at sleep after large end-of-spring party on the island. Probably will fail miserably. #
  • @blitzchris Blashpemer! in reply to blitzchris #
  • @m1kepro That’s also why I don’t go for Apple Cinema Displays. That and the expense of them in reply to m1kepro #
  • @SonicWrecks Google is your friend. in reply to SonicWrecks #
  • Twitter’s Location detector is broken. It thinks I’m 2000+ miles away. #
  • @SonicWrecks Terrible pun. in reply to SonicWrecks #


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