Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-10

  • @Farrallth That or a swift kick to the johnson. in reply to Farrallth #
  • @Farrallth Oh, that’s rubbish. Texans drink it all the time and they reproduce like rabbits. in reply to Farrallth #
  • With all this talk of new entrances, I need to get one done up, too. Problem is, no remixes are available for Mad Matrix… #
  • @Farrallth In all honesty, neither do the Falklands. in reply to Farrallth #
  • @SonicWrecks Hoi! Don’t blame @RadioSEGA for your laziness! in reply to SonicWrecks #
  • Bought Sonic 1 for my Virgin Mobile Shuttle, others who bought this also bought… "Exotic Club Manager"? 1st, WTF? 2nd, LOL!!!! #sonic #wtf #
  • Hmmmm, chinese, italian, or texmex dinner? #
  • Grocery shopping. Fun… #
  • @Sonic_Stream This is going to get even worse, mark my words. Never underestimate the Streisand Effect: #
  • Need a new thumbdrive. Old one snapped in half. #
  • PINGAS!!!!!! #
  • Long day halfway over. Time to hurry up with the other half before the west county bldg closes @ 5pm… #
  • Damn, im hungry… #
  • About to head 2 the food stamp office in dickinson… #
  • @Sonic_Stream Buuu…. Listen to A/V Hijack!!! On NOW! in reply to Sonic_Stream #

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