Because Some Nights Are Best Forgotten: Rohypnol

Recently, I lost my 2nd DSL gateway in a month, largely due to poor quality control on my ISP’s part. Hopefully, number three will work better, because that is the last one I’ll be able to get before January.

Family is being rather annoying. Mom is currently wanting to go off on a Xmas road trip and is trying to drag me along, and I have two older sisters (both of whom ganged up and got me a Wii last year when I clearly said not to spend money on me) wanting to know what I want for Xmas. I’m tempted to bitch about not being able to have two consoles and such, so I can get a PS3 or a 360 (Hey, it worked for the Wii…).

School continues apace, despite going 9 years for an Associate’s Degree (not the best surely, but this is Texas, the state that spawned George W. Bush). Finishing up classes this semester, signed up to donate blood again, and ready to enjoy the holidays…

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