Twiter Weekly Update 21.May.2016 – 27.May.2016

E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 14.May.2016 – 20.May.2016" ->
2:30 am – Successfully got Linux operational on an external drive plugged into a MacBook Air.
2:35 am – Wondering what to do next… ->
@xkeepahPLUS Already did (…

Twiter Weekly Update 14.May.2016 – 20.May.2016

@spexfox And yet, he still is trailing @HillaryClinton in the total AND pledged delegate counts. in reply to spexfox ->
@spexfox Keep beating the Goldman Sachs drum if you wish, it hasn't worked much where it counted. #DeadHorse in reply to spexfox ->
@spexfox So is calling a…