Twiter Weekly Update 23.Jul.2016 – 29.Jul.2016

RT @GavinNewsom: #ImWithThem
#TheyAreWithUs ->
#MyFavorite3WordCombo right now: #ImWithThem ->
RT @sonic_hedgehog: Introducing SONIC MANIA! A new 2D Sonic platforming adventure experience! #Sonic25 ->
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Twiter Weekly Update 16.Jul.2016 – 22.Jul.2016

@thekevineva Meanwhile, if you have anything on that drive and it does come back dying, save it to an external in reply to thekevineva ->
E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 09.Jul.2016 – 15.Jul.2016" ->
If you pitch-shift & speed up the “…