Twiter Weekly Update 17.Sep.2016 – 23.Sep.2016

Amen, Bernie ->
RT @Wooflepup: Bernie Sanders: "Now is not the time for a protest vote" ->
@spexfox Only if @HillaryClinton doesn't win. in reply to spexfox ->
@spexfox And even if she doesn't, I would prefer Warren…

Twiter Weekly Update 10.Sep.2016 – 16.Sep.2016

@Akhmin It's ether Kefka or your selfie cam is distorting things. in reply to Akhmin ->
RT @AlGiordano: Oh, I get it, Doctor. It's civil rights you find deplorable. ->
E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 03.Sep.2016 – 09.Sep.2016" h…