Twiter Weekly Update 19.Nov.2016 – 25.Nov.2016

If there is an afterlife, then I am DEFINITELY going to hell for this: ->
@VizardJeffhog Meh, Litten is more cute in reply to VizardJeffhog ->
E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 12.Nov.2016 – 18.Nov.2016" -…

Twiter Weekly Update 12.Nov.2016 – 18.Nov.2016

Well, at least with this Republican, you can actually gamble where his likely Western/Summer White House will be located ->
@Max_Firestorm In the end, you did have just one, so that is something… in reply to Max_Firestorm ->
Ok, $50 in Nintendo eShop, what to buy?…