Twiter Weekly Update 24.Dec.2016 – 30.Dec.2016

@spexfox This is where I recommend a good strong screwdriver deal with that. in reply to spexfox ->
@Max_Firestorm Take a deep breath, let it out, and remember, you can't go wrong with a smile and a "happy holidays" in reply to Max_Firestorm ->
@sonicyoda Needs a copy of…

Twiter Weekly Update 17.Dec.2016 – 23.Dec.2016

@ValorB At least you aren't out with a corneal ulcer like I am. Those are annoying as fuck. 😖 in reply to ValorB ->
Upside of contact lenses: no more sitting on & breaking glasses @ the least fixable place.
Downside: risk of corneal ulcers & pink eye ->
I feel like an ov…