Twiter Weekly Update 18.Feb.2017 – 24.Feb.2017

At .@clearlakenissan waiting to see if the chanting, supplications, & blood sacrifices their Finance Department are making will work 4 me… ->
@spexfox it happens sometimes when changing plans. try airplane mode on/off. if that fails, wait 24 hours. in reply to spexfox…

Twiter Weekly Update 11.Feb.2017 – 17.Feb.2017

E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 04.Feb.2017 – 10.Feb.2017" ->
#PangolinLove Status: Complete! Can you beat my score? 10/12 #GoogleDoodle ->
@Xial That was about the most creepy thing a computing device has said…