Twiter Weekly Update 17.Jun.2017 – 23.Jun.2017

RT @artdecaderoo: when repubs talk about violent rhetoric from leftists you can show them this ->
Another day at work, nothing to do. Need better job. ->
E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 10.Jun.2017 – 16.Jun.2017"…

Twiter Weekly Update 10.Jun.2017 – 16.Jun.2017

@sonicremix Have fun in the city of angels in reply to sonicremix ->
I think I offended the fill-in DM in all-nite #dnd5e at #akon28 #longnight ->
Had a great time at @AKon_Convention this year in Fort Worth. Got a pile of manga, a set of dice for DnD, and a…