Twiter Weekly Update 20.Apr.2019 – 26.Apr.2019

Haley sandwich #cute #NewPuppy ->
@ROSCALION420 He accused me of shit that happened when I was moving from one state to another. in reply to ROSCALION420 ->
Who was your first crush? — A classmate in middle school. We drifted apart after we were bused to different s…

Twiter Weekly Update 13.Apr.2019 – 19.Apr.2019

@Snow_Blue_Husky @bryangullickson @Dragon_Smoocher I can attest to that as an ex-admin in charge of one of the game… in reply to Snow_Blue_Husky ->
@ROSCALION420 Fortunately this is an exception to the rule. in reply to ROSCALION420 ->
@TheCoffeeSnolf A wise d…