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I feel beige today

Right now, I should be happier. I’m turning 25 on Monday, I’m doing okay at school, and I’m a lot more comfortable with myself than I’ve been in a long time. And yet, I feel beige.

Not sad, not happy, not angry, not even depressed.

Just beige.

Maybe this will help…

*heads off to eat… leaving a video behind*

Hapless noobs. So fun to pwn…

.:18·47·35:. joins: kogenlover4lyfe ( [17 users]

.:18·47·48:. «kogenlover4lyfe» lol its not crowded

.:18·47·53:. «Kogen» lol

.:18·48·11:. «kogenlover4lyfe» so anyway

.:18·48·15:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i ❤ kogen

.:18·48·16:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i ❤ kogen

.:18·48·18:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i ❤ kogen

.:18·48·20:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i ❤ kogen

.:18·48·22:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i ❤ kogen

.:18·48·25:. «Noir» That’s possible?

.:18·48·27:. «Noir» lol

.:18·48·39:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i will rape you

.:18·48·42:. «kogenlover4lyfe» if you don’t love kogen

.:18·49·08:. «Noir» Are you female?

.:18·49·15:. «kogenlover4lyfe» are you gay?

.:18·49·23:. «Noir» No.

.:18·49·44:. «kogenlover4lyfe» oh because i sense gay fluids coming out of your mind

.:18·50·03:. «kogenlover4lyfe» you’re funny hahahahaha

.:18·50·23:. «Noir» You’re confusing me with Gunther (Does he even use IRC? D:)

.:18·50·28:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·31:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·34:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·34:. ~Joshu sets mode: +b *!*chatzilla@*

.:18·50·34:. [%] [Joshu] banned (kogenlover4lyfe)

.:18·50·34:. kogenlover4lyfe was kicked by ~Joshu (Don’t repeat yourself!)

.:18·51·32:. «@LSnK»

.:18·51·53:. «Noir»

.:18·54·22:. «Kogen» :0

.:18·55·07:. «Biafra» This is going onto my blog

Xmas shopping at W@1-M@r7*


Xmas shopping should be done at night time if you are planning to do it all at that place. About the only hazards you have are crates of products restocking, Floor buffers drag-stripping down the main aisles, and the nagging sound of your own fatigue.

On the plus side, I got home and was able to test out Windows Live Writer (works great w/ WordPress at present).


*: Name censored to prevent trademark lawsuit