Twiter Weekly Update 16.Dec.2017 – 22.Dec.2017

E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 09.Dec.2017 – 15.Dec.2017" ->
@comcastcares Apparently Xfinity internet is down in Dickinson, TX due to a vague outage. ->
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Wisdom tooth extraction today…


Twiter Weekly Update 09.Dec.2017 – 15.Dec.2017

@ValorB The time is 6:01 pm CDT. Have you picked up your laser pointer of doom from Xur in Destiny 2 yet? ->
@RiptorRaptor Ps2 emulators should be able to extract from 7zip/lzma in reply to RiptorRaptor ->
@RiptorRaptor It does add some overhead time, yes. However it does save much more…


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